We made it!! After weeks of packing up our entire house and taking care of all the cough, cough…fun stuff¬†involved in selling a home and moving abroad,¬†Michael and I (and 12 checked bags and 3 carry-ons, ugh!) arrived in Luxembourg last Sunday. Because there are no direct flights from New York to Luxembourg, we flew to Frankfurt, Germany, rented a minivan and then drove the 2+ hours to the Airbnb apartment we rented in Lux. Lugging along that amount of baggage is not for the weak of heart and we almost wept with relief when we finally had everything inside the apartment and could collapse on the couch. Major props go out to Michael who did all the heavy lifting and driving and who, because of said driving, could only limitedly partake of the free alcohol provided on the flight. I, on the other hand, found the wine and bourbon both delicious and plentiful, surprising as it is to some.


The apartment was procured for a two-month stay one month prior to our move. Our intention is to find a permanent rental once we’re familiar with the lay of the land and can see the apartments and neighborhoods in person. We’re hoping this game plan will serve us well, fingers crossed.

This is our home until March 15th:


Yes, it has a wine fridge and an indoor pool in the building, woohoo! Our gracious host said we are welcome to drink any of the wine and alcohol in the apartment but the poor man obviously doesn’t know us and will undoubtably rue his generosity. Just kidding, other than an occasional nip at some of his fine bourbon, we’ve enjoyed